Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

New Year, new faces and even more training..........

Christmas seems so far away now so, in theory, we should be getting fitter as we take advantage of the new gym memberships! The last year was certainly full of twists and turns for us and our clients, with many success stories but some sad ones too.

2016 is a year full of promise as we continue to develop so many new contacts who have beaten a path to our door to sample our creative solutions to their Point of Sale Display needs.

To help us deal with the anticipated increase in demand for this area of specialised multiple skill manufacture we have returned to The Engineering Centre at Hull Training to appoint new Multiple Skilled Engineering Apprentices.

Our longest serving apprentice, Ryan Jordan, was joined in March 2015 by Louis Saleh and Eddie Joyce and they continue to make good progress as they cover all the disciplines that are available through-out our manufacturing facility. In November Oliver Thomas came on board and already in 2016 a further two enthusiastic young men, Ryan Wells and Mike Waudby are proving that their addition to the company is going to strengthen the service we offer to our clients. Our core team of experienced staff are well placed to teach these young men all the necessary skills for Point of Sale Display Manufacture.

Our design team don’t escape the training either!! Peter Woolfitt, our Apprentice Design Engineer has started his next year of studies as he gets his teeth into BTECH Level 3 in Mechanics and in Further Mathematics. We have every confidence in him taking this in his stride.

JCRPOS is the Design and Manufacture department of J & C R Wood Limited which has been providing this service to major Brand names and Design Companies for over 40 years. The current Directors, Ian and Barry Wood are proud of their team for the recent challenges they have met in building a bespoke service that is gaining tremendous respect throughout the industry. Indeed, they show this through the commitment to giving employment opportunities to the younger apprentices who find it difficult to break into the employment market, especially now that there is pressure on employers to allow staff to work much further into old age.

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